ансамбъл Българче

The ensemble “Bulgarche” is the folklore emblem of Veliko Tarnovo. Founded in 1968 by Mihail Djulgerov it is not only a school for Bulgarian folk music, songs, dances and   patriotism, but also a destiny for more than 3000 children from 5 to 19 years old, who grew up in the ensemble for 46 years.

Ensemble “Bulgarche” – these are its participants, who remain bound up forever. There are no former among them, because they are all from one and the same blood group, and are blessed with the Bulgarian spiritual culture.

The participants of the ensemble are bonded by more than 2000 concerts, performed in the country and abroad -  Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, The United Arab Emirates, Thailand.

They are bonded also by the won with persistence and enthusiasm awards – many gold medals, plaque of the Centre of Amateur Art, the “Golden Lyre” award of the National Union of Musicians and Dancers etc. The Child’s and Juvenile Folklore ensemble “Bulgarche” is a laureate of the IV, V, VI and VII National festivals for amateur art and is honored by CIOFF with the title “Representative”, which is a well-deserved title.

Ensemble “Bulgarche” – these are also its teachers – choreographer Petar Petrov, director of the dance group, associate professor Mitko Dimitrov, orchestra conductor, and Galya Ivanova, choir-master, who train more than 200 children and select a repertoire from all ethnographic regions of the country.